China’s Hebei acrobats mix ancient arts with modern glitz

At the Great Canadian Theatre Company | Reviewed Wednesday evening

The Hebei Acrobatic Troupe is an award-winning circus ensemble from Northern China. The artists mix traditional Chinese skills like tumbling, balancing and contortion with more modern and Western styles. The Troupe is the guest of Music and Beyond, and has been delighting audiences all week.
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Dance review: Companhia Urbana delivers a shot of favela funk

Companhia Urbana de Danca | At the NAC Theatre | Reviewed Thursday night | With the Rio Summer Olympics just a few months away, it can’t be a coincidence that two of Brazil’s leading contemporary dance companies are undertaking major international tours at the same time. Ottawa is lucky to be receiving both of these cultural ambassadors: Rio de Janeiro-based Companhia Urbana de Danca this week, and Sao Paulo Companhia de Danca next Tuesday. Read more at Ottawa Citizen Arts…

Dance review: La Sylphide ticks all the romantic boxes

La Sylphide | At Southam Hall | Reviewed Thursday night | Performances Friday and Saturday with different casts | La Sylphide is as much a historical artifact as it is a living ballet. The cult of the ballerina can be traced to its premiere, as can the use of pointe shoes as the means to an ethereal feminine ideal. And if Taglioni’s original 1832 version is lost, August Bournonville’s setting from four years later continues to inspire dancers and choreographers with its iconic imagery. Read more at Ottawa Citizen Arts…