Biss brings cerebral elegance to evening of Beethoven and Schumann

NACO Beethoven Schumann festival | At Southam Hall | Reviewed Thursday | Festival continues to Oct. 20

When it comes to pairing composers, orchestras often pick the tried-and-true. Beethoven with Haydn, or Schumann with Brahms, are as common — and comforting — as peanut butter and jelly. By linking Beethoven to Schumann for their fall festival, Alexander Shelley and NACO have brokered a more unexpected marriage. Call it a love match, instead of an arranged one.
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Joshua Bell, renewed Southam Hall share star billing on buzz-filled evening

Joshua Bell | At Southam Hall | Reviewed Thursday. Concert repeats Friday evening

An appearance by violinist Joshua Bell can whip up rock star levels of energy and excitement. Add to that the anticipation surrounding the formal opening of a redesigned Southam Hall, and Thursday night’s NACO season launch was almost heady with buzz.

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